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posted by CyFLY on December 8, 2014

Demons Exist


Thank you to all those who have read the screenplay and have been showing support sharing the story. I wrote this screenplay; which is a Psychological Drama with intentions to bring awareness to sleep paralysis while presenting the audience with scientific and spiritual questions. I have journeyed far to get this story out so we can get the funding to produce it. If you decide to read it you can help by sharing it with others so it can spread through word of mouth.

I have heard so many stories from Sleep Paralysis victims and I have learned that pre-existing belief systems can affect the content of the hallucinations themselves during the paranormal phenomenon. I’m not sure if that explains why for centuries people from all cultures all over the world have experienced demonic encounters during sleep paralysis. This story  “Aimless”  tackles this mystery with its own twist for that answer people have been seeking.


This is a fictional story that was written to provoke some spiritual questions with a touch of controversy.


LOGLINE: Demons seek out people with little or no faith and give them a deceptive dream about the “truth” of existence during Sleep Paralysis. This knowledge drives the receivers insane and they end up Aimlessly wandering through life a lost soul.


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Cyrus L.R.

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