Sleep Paralysis Victim Shares Experience on Radio

posted by CyFLY on December 13, 2013

Screenwriter/Producer - boba, kelumpuhan tidur

I was recently on Talktainment Radio talking about the film project “Aimless”  We are still in the fundraising stage so please listen to the podcast on our homepage and share to show support..

Through the years of chasing my dream of making this film a reality; I have found that Sleep Paralysis can affect anyone from age, race and culture but it is particularly more prevalent in certain areas. Those areas are Indonesia and Bangladesh and surrounding areas with the demographics being males aged 18-24. In Bangladesh, the phenomenon of sleep paralysis is referred to as boba meaning “speechless” for the reason that people can’t move their body and can’t talk even if they want.

In Indonesia

it is called kelumpuhan tidur. So the question is why does this phenomenon occur in these areas/culture more than the Americas or anywhere else.. is it their cultural beliefs? The myths and stories that keep getting passed down from generation to generation, genetics, or the combination of both, nature vs. nurture. There is a great thread/discussion on the hallucinations during #SleepParalysis on; please chime in… Leave your opinions and comments below.


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