Sleep Paralysis Stories

posted by CyFLY on October 15, 2014


Sleep Paralysis Stories – I was in college studying for a Psychology degree while taking screenwriting classes. I was halfway done writing this psychological drama “Aimless” when I underwent Sleep Paralysis. It had been years since my last episode but after being reminded of the terror, and the feeling of an evil presence suffocating your soul; I made sure I included it in the screenplay. Sleep Paralysis has always happened to mankind and every culture has its unique explanation of it. Why does it only happen to a select few and why do so many people have demonic experiences such as myself? The Movie Aimless tackles these questions and presents the audience with science vs. spirituality and faith vs. logic.

This campaign and film project is important to me because I know if I can bring awareness of the phenomenon about sleep paralysis to the general public; together we can ask the right questions to get closer to spiritual answers about human existence.

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posted by CyFLY on December 17, 2012

What is Sleep Paralysis?  Did you know we are all paralyzed when we sleep?


Paralysis while asleep is a normal condition. The body secretes hormones which relax certain muscles and prevent you from acting out your dreams.  If it didn’t you would be in quite some danger every time you went to sleep.  The process of waking up might seem quite simple to you.  But it’s actually a complex process involving many physiological changes.  One of these is the reversal of the paralysis.  People experience the fear of sleep paralysis when the hormone doesn’t wear off fast enough as they wake up.


They remain paralyzed though conscious. Because they have little sensation from their body, if they are lying on their backs, it can feel like someone is sitting on their chest or fear of an evil presence attacking them, a very paranormal experience.  Eventually the paralysis departs and normal functions can be resumed.

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