How to Break Free From Sleep Paralysis

posted by CyFLY on February 12, 2013

Sleep Paralysis - Astral Projection - Lucid Dreaming

Astral Projection

Paralysis in sleep is a normal condition. The body secretes hormones (Glycine, GABA) which relax certain muscles and prevent you from acting out your dreams.  If it didn’t you would be in quite some danger every time you went to sleep. The process of waking up might seem quite simple to you. But it’s actually a complex process involving many physiological changes. One of these is the reversal of the paralysis. People experience sleep paralysis (Gui Ya, Kelumpuhan tidur, dormire paralisi) when the hormone doesn’t wear off fast enough as they wake up. They remain paralyzed though conscious. Because they have little sensation from their body, if they are lying on their backs, it can feel like someone is sitting on their chest or lead to the fear of someone choking you. Eventually the paralysis departs and you return back to a normal state.

If you know someone who has experienced this phenomenon they may try to explain how terrifying it is… Here are some ways to break free from sleep paralysis next time it happens.


  • Do not fear the experience (this is very difficult and takes mind control) the more you fear it the more intense the paralysis becomes and the longer it may last…
  • Wiggle your toe or maybe try to clinch your fist… (yes I know you are paralyzed so this may not seem like an option but again it is a test of will power)




  • Don’t fight it – go with the flow… understand that this is a unique experience and nothing negative is going to happen to you although you may feel like there is.. this can lead to an out of body experience – astral projection… you will then have a personal testimony that you are a spiritual being having a human/earthly experience.
  • Control your breathing… relax and determine what type of breathing calms you down.. short quick breaths (like you are having a baby) can bring you out of the paralysis faster.
  • Have your sleep partner wake you up by shaking you back to normal (you may have to grunt to get their attention, and this may not work if your partner is sound asleep next to you already)
  • Call out in the name of JESUS (your faith in JESUS as your protector will have this experience dissipate immediately)  Checkout to see the testimonies from people this has worked for (including myself!) Luke 10:17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”


Please post any other suggestions you may have for the benefit of others!!!


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